2019 API Inspection Summit to Offer 14 Courses
The API Summit was designed with you in mind. This four-day summit includes three days of presentations spanning over 120 topics. Addressing issues involved in asset condition evaluation for drilling, production systems, pipelines, terminals, refining, chemical manufacturing and storage facilities. In addition, an optional day of training is conducted by subject matter experts. Each day focuses on presentations relevant to upstream, midstream, downstream operation and integrity management. API Inspection Summit provides an opportunity to learn about new and existing industry codes and standards, to hear about emerging trends from experts, and to discuss new and existing issues in inspection and AIM technology.

The API Summit is the only networking event for inspectors and other inspection support professionals in the industry. As stated by attendees, "The API Summit is the best inspection related conference in the petroleum industry".

The following oil, gas and chemical sectors will be covered:

Upstream (Drilling, Sub Sea, Production Systems, Integrity Management)
Midstream (Pipelines, Terminals)
Downstream (Refining, Chemical & Storage)
Monday, January 28 will be dedicated to Training Courses run by Subject Matter Experts.

Three primary topics Inspection/NDE, Metallurgy/Corrosion, Engineering & Analysis (tracks) will run concurrently each day (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Courses include:

Risk-Based Inspection
Fitness-for-Service Assessment
Design, Inspection and Assessment of Aboveground Storage Tanks
Fired Heater Integrity Optimization Management
Recent Updates to API Standards on Design, Installation and Inspection of Pressure Relief Devices
Guided Wave Testing of Pipelines, Vessels and Tanks
Hydroprocessing Inspector Training
Damage Mechanisms Affecting Equipment in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry
Creating Corrosion Control Documents (CCD) and Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) per Industry Standards API 970 and 584
Introduction to Metallurgy for the Inspector and/or Reliability Engineer
Bolted Flange Joint Assembly and Inspection (2 different courses)
Technical Writing for Inspectors
Characteristics of a High Performing Inspector
Repair and Testing Case Studies on the Application of ASME PCC-2
Best Practices for Developing Turnaround Inspection Plans

John Reynolds will deliver the keynote speech:

Mountains We Have Climbed Mountains We Still Need To Climb

"My talk will be about FEMI Mountains we have climbed, i.e. the most significant fixed equipment mechanical integrity (FEMI) accomplishments we have made over the last few decades. But lest we get complacent there are FEMI mountains we still need to climb, i.e. the FEMI challenges we still need to overcome to further reduce FEMI incidents in our industry. In my younger, slimmer, fitter, more adventurous, more vigorous years of life (the summer years of my life), I was a mountain climber. I summited 32 mountains in the Rockies, the Cascades, the Canadian Coastal Range and Alaska. Climbing mountains was not easy for me, but it is exhilarating, breath-taking and provides a sense of accomplishment once you reach the summit. The view from the summit is always worth the climb. Mountain climbing gave me confidence in myself and taught me a lot about life, e.g. that I could achieve most anything that I set my mind to. It taught me that I could rely on myself and that I could go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of. It also taught me that if I was going to achieve even bigger things I would need to be a part of a like-minded team of climbers who all relied on each other to get safely up and down the mountain each time. Today I celebrate for the past 50 years having been a part of a like-minded team of FEMI mountain climbers whose goal is to continue to summit more FEMI mountains."

"Today I find myself well beyond my physical mountain climbing days and deep into the winter of my FEMI career. There are not enough years left to do all the things I still want to do. So in my talk, I will celebrate the FEMI achievements we have collectively realized and encourage us all to set our sights on even more FEMI accomplishments. In my talk at this Summit I will summarize some of those FEMI summits that our team of mountain climbers has achieved and mention some of those FEMI mountains that we still need to conquer."
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