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Brooklyn Navy Yard Wins Nanotronics Expansion
Source: Business Wire
Today, Nanotronics, an innovator in AI-enhanced industrial inspection and automation announced the expansion of Nanotronics flagship production center into historic Building 20 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The expansion will meet the increasing demand for Nanontronics’ AI-powered industrial inspection systems and new factory control products in both domestic and international markets. Nanotronics hopes to be an anchor as the Navy Yard becomes a thriving urban manufacturing center. The projected $11.4 million construction of the 34,000 square foot facility will create nearly 200 factory-based jobs.

"We look forward to providing community members with a launch-pad to success through this tremendous opportunity by continuing to partner through our Apprentice NYC efforts."

"Our products harness the convergence of today’s technologies to support the infrastructure of tomorrow," says Nanotronics CEO and founder, Matthew Putman. "This new facility—in the heart of New York City—builds on Nanotronics’ legacy of invention to help reinstall industry and manufacturing as the bedrock of our Brooklyn community."

Building 20 will foster an ecosystem in cultivating growth and jobs by attracting partner industries in life sciences, semiconductor and MEMS devices, aerospace, automobile, additive manufacturing, and quantum computing. Nanotronics will participate in local educational, technical, and career-training programs to ensure community access.

"The tools, opportunities, and skills Nanotronics is creating offers a new generation of talent a model for how our urban communities will transform in the Industry 4.0 era," says Miquela Craytor, executive director of Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council at NYC SBS. "We look forward to providing community members with a launch-pad to success through this tremendous opportunity by continuing to partner through our Apprentice NYC efforts."

This building will become an emblem of Nanotronics’ continued commitment to the Future of Access. AI and computer scientists, chemists, and physicists will work alongside skilled tradesmen. Products will be invented, engineered, and manufactured under one roof. The building design—led by Rogers Partners, a New York City–based architectural and urban design practice—translates an industrial vision that merges smaller factories, less waste, faster R&D to production routes, and greater yields.

"Nanotronics serves as a magnet for the most inventive technologies and partners. This new facility will no doubt serve as a flagship, signaling the arrival of a whole new vision for manufacturing and the future factory platform upon which every industry will follow," says Craig Shapero, Chairman of York Instruments and Nanotronics Investor.

Nanotronics’ factory will mirror the city itself, breeding invention through dialogue, collaboration, and spontaneity. Construction is set to begin in Q1 2019 with an expected completion in Q4 2019.

About Nanotronics

Nanotronics is an industrial platform that enables the factory of the future where products are invented, engineered, and produced under one roof. Using AI and other advanced technologies, Nanotronics accelerates R&D into production, while reducing waste and creating smaller factories where computer scientists, chemists, and physicists along with skilled tradesmen work together. Building on its legacy of revolutionizing industrial inspection for the most advanced manufacturers in nanotechnology, semiconductors, aerospace, and health, Nanotronics is at the forefront of redefining the manufacturing process. To learn more visit