New Snake Scope VOYAGER: Versatility and Convenience Can Be Affordable
By: Oleg Zuev
Source: Medit Inc
Full 4-direction articulation does not have to be expensive, and the Voyager Snake Scope, with joystick controlled articulation, is proof of this fact. Furthermore, this equally applies to the wide selection of probe lengths and diameters, as well as many other useful add-ons that come with the Voyager Snake Scope. The control unit of the scope features a pistol grip ergonomic design equipped with a joystick and control buttons. The joystick allows for 4-way, 360-degree articulation, while control buttons are used to adjust light intensity and to capture files during the inspection. The main unit has a USB connection and a micro SD card slot. Captured files are stored onto the removable memory card as AVI for video recordings and JPEG for still images, stamped with both time and date. Image control options include image and video playback, format, flip, freeze, and in/out zoom. The scope is powered by a rechargeable and interchangeable 2200mAh, 4.2V Li-Ion battery. The maximum time the unit can operate on a single charge is 4 hours. A removable magnetic stand is another feature that makes operating the Voyager Snake Scope convenient and easy.

Articulated probes come in a sufficient number of length and diameter options to cover most types of inspections. Diameter options start from 2.2 mm and include 2.8 mm, 3.9 mm, and 6 mm. All of them, even the 2.2 mm option, boast 4-directional articulation. Besides, larger diameter probes (3.9 and 6mm) possess HD resolution (1280x720 pixels). Available probe lengths include options from 1 to 6 meters (or 3.2 ft. to 19.7 ft.). All probes are tungsten braided for reinforced durability even under adverse inspection environments. The main unit is water resistant with IP54 rating, while the probe is waterproof at IP67.

A tiny camera with a CMOS chip has a 10 to 100 mm depth of view with a 120 field of view (greater DOV available as an option). Illumination is provided by high-intensity white LEDs with an average lamp lifetime of approximately 5000 hours, while infrared LEDs are available as an option.