GET Demonstrate Wireless Drone Recharging
Global Energy Transmission is presenting the value of its wireless drone recharging technology to energy and infrastructure inspection industries.

The companyís technology uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from a ring of cables to a drone in flight. Global Energy claims that its Get Air system has a max power transfer rate of 12kW within a circular charging area that has a diameter of about 8m (26ft). The firm says its transmission efficiency is up to 80%.

The startup says itís able to recharge a 13.6kg (30 lb.) multi-rotor unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with a 28 minute flight endurance in about 6min. The Get Air ring can recharge up to three UAVs at once.

Global Energy believes the wireless energy transmission system is ideal for beyond-line-of-sight drone operators who are inspecting oil and gas pipelines or dispersed infrastructure. The firmís founder and chief executive, Leonid Plekhanov, says such a system could be set up in remote locations allowing a drone to inspect areas between stations, recharge and then fly onward. The startup believes recharging in mid-air is best because many aviation mishaps occur during takeoff and landings.

The company is currently demonstrating its system on a series of temporary waivers from the Federal Communications Commission. It hopes to have it permanently approved so that it can sell the system to customers.

About GET

Global Energy Transmission (GET) enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safely and quickly recharging while still in flight. Drones simply hover for a few minutes in one of our large area power hotspots, which can be installed kilometers apart along flight routes, and inside.

GETís solution elevates drone-driven applications to a new level of autonomy, while providing high utilization of the drones, enhanced security and all-weather operations.