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Olympus at AISTech 2019: The Latest for the Steel Industry
At this year’s Annual Iron and Steel Technology conference (AISTech), Olympus caught up with many customers from the steelmaking industry to share knowledge and show off some of our latest technology. Slag analysis with Vanta™ handheld XRF was a hot topic. Many visitors to our booth didn’t realize that they can use a Vanta analyzer near the furnace to measure the slag and adjust the batch conditions in near real time. The analyzer’s speed makes it easy to take several tests and average the results to overcome variation due to slag inhomogeneity.

Analyzing process materials, like slag, was one of several concerns for steel industry personnel, including:

  • Analysis of feedstocks such as iron ore, scrap, and limestone
  • Analysis of finished goods and ferroalloys
  • Material homogeneity
  • Real-time results

    At the show, Alex, our Applications Engineering Manager, gave two presentations—one about slag analysis and one about how the Cloud is changing manufacturing inspection. Check it out:

    Utilizing Handheld X-ray Fluorescence for In-Process Steel Slag Monitoring
    Vanta handheld XRF for monitoring steel slag

    Cloud-Based Process Management of Inspection Instruments
    Manufacturing inspection technology in an Internet of Things and Cloud era