ISRA Presents Automated Defect Detection and Shape Measurement
A new system for measuring large, complex and curved components ensures maximum speed and reliability through optical inspection. Where manual processes were previously used to inspect reflective surfaces, intelligent automation now enables constant and comparable quality decisions.

Sophisticated industrial environments such as automotive production place tough demands on inspection, while complex components with reflective surfaces from the automotive exterior and interior segments make mechanical inspection difficult. However, the manual inspection processes often used for this result in subjective decisions, a lack of comparability and thus inconsistent quality levels, which in turn leads to increased reject rates. Up to now, there have been no efficient alter- natives for large, complex and curved components – SpecGAGE3D XL makes quality objective and traceable for the first time. Top speed combined with reliability provides maximum efficiency.

ISRA presents a system for inspecting reflective components, with simultaneous shape inspection for especially large components. The sensor measures glossy and reflective surfaces down to the nanometer range. The software detects defects such as inclusions, spalling, spots and varnish tears. At the same time, classification enables reliable traceability that enables process errors to be eliminated, overall quality enhanced and rejection rates minimized.

Multiple components can be inspected at the same time with the multi-camera system. Equipped with Wi-Fi as standard, the system can also be used in a connected production environment. Its high level of user-friendliness and the remote desktop function, with which SpecGAGE3D XL can be controlled via a tablet, make the system easy to use.

With a large portfolio of production analytics tools, ISRA offers the ideal addition: All the process and production data collected is linked together and analyzed. The Enterprise PROduction Management Intelli- gence Software PROMI uses the production line’s entire data set to provide transparency and an overview of manufacturing processes. This knowledge and SpecGAGE 3D XL’s state-of-the-art system architecture form the basis for closely connected and INDUSTRY 4.0- compatible production.