Bureau Veritas Unlocks Smart Torqueing Capabilities
Bureau Veritas a world-leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services, today announced a key digital addition to its integrated solution for bolted joints management, powered by the Cumulus Smart Torque System. The solution will integrate into the company's industrial inspection services portfolio and be delivered to clients worldwide.

Leveraging emerging technologies to revolutionize traditional TIC services, Bureau Veritas utilizes the power of connected devices (tablets, wrenches and other tools), smart data, and IoT enabled digital platforms, to collect and analyze data, and instantly inform the operators and contractors of the settings and tolerances of equipment and machines.

"Bureau Veritas is focused on next-generation technologies to revolutionize traditional TIC services, moving from physical techniques to cutting-edge digital techniques, and our assets are transforming to align with the needs of a digital world," said Karine Kutrowski, Director, Technical Support and Development, Industry and Facilities, Bureau Veritas. "It's exciting to be at the forefront of innovation as we deliver an industry-first––unlocking the value of digital TIC services for our clients and communities around the world."

Through this new integrated solution, inspectors, contractors and operators can better manage safety-critical bolting assemblies by providing facility and operation managers with unprecedented data transparency to improve work quality, minimize fugitive emissions, and mitigate the risk of major accidents due to leaks, while also delivering:

  • Integrated, end-to-end solutions for bolted joints management, from bolts design and torqueing procedures review, through supply chain management to testing and inspection services via fugitive emission monitoring
  • Real-time data and traceability during maintenance and shutdown activities A digital solution for planning, tagging, and tracking flange management activities
  • Full accountability of contractors at the individual worker-level

"Manual work at industrial sites has not changed significantly in the last 50 years, so the opportunity to innovate an analog process is very exciting," said Matthew Kleiman, CEO, Cumulus. "We look forward to supporting Bureau Veritas and their clients as we combine their experience, expertise, and global reach with our technology, to revolutionize industrial bolting management."

"Bureau Veritas is delivering the first and only fully integrated bolted joints management solution on the market, supporting the full life cycle management of bolted joints," said Geert Jan De Vries, Global Key Account Director, Oil and Gas Industry, Bureau Veritas. "Our clients in the Oil, Gas and Energy markets are strongly committed to zero leaks at their facilities. This integrated solution has been proven successful to support this initiative."

About Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. Created in 1828, the Group has more than 75,000 employees located in more than 1,500 offices and laboratories around the globe. Bureau Veritas helps its clients improve their performance by offering services and innovative solutions, in order to ensure that their assets, products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Bureau Veritas is listed on Euronext Paris and belongs to the Next 20 index. Compartment A, ISIN code FR 0006174348, stock symbol: BVI. For more information, visit https://group.bureauveritas.com

About Cumulus

Cumulus Digital Systems connects workers, tools, and data to a cloud-hosted software platform to better manage maintenance and construction workflows. The platform collects data from digitally-enabled tools in the field to provide a single source of "truth" for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. Cumulus replaces the need for expensive and time-consuming inspections to verify the quality and duration of tasks with software and tools that improve speed and accountability. Cumulus is a spin-out from Shell's Cambridge technology center, Shell TechWorks. For more information visit www.cumulusds.com.