nScrypt Develops In Situ 3D Printing Inspection System
Source: 3D Print
nScrypt, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, wants to see 3D printing operations running at their full potential. In high-performance industrial atmospheres, that means heavy monitoring to ensure any errors or ongoing system problems are dealt with quickly. To promote precise additive manufacturing processes—mainly with their 3Dn systems—nScrypt has created a new inspection system that occurs while the print is in progress.

This in situ process includes the following features:

High resolution laser profile scanning to inspect up to 640,000 data points per second.
Sorting for each set of data points collected for each layer during the 3D printing process.
Automatic geometric data transmission which informs users of print volume, any missing volume (and its location), and data regarding each layer.
Scanning resolution of 10µm in the XY axis and 5µm in the Z axis.

"The generated data is in perfect alignment with the part by synchronizing nScrypt’s high-precision linear motion gantry system with the laser readings," reports the company in their recent press release sent to 3DPrint.com. "This in-situ process only adds 3% – 12% to the total print time, depending on the part’s geometry."

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