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Webinar: Inspection of Critical Structures with Scale and Scab Corrosion
By: Veronique Chayer
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Corrosion Assessment Redefined: Welcome to Lyft 2.2

If you need to know the remaining wall thickness under surface-forming scabs, then this upcoming webinar on a new high-performance solution engineered to provide reliable, repeatable and actionable data is perfect for you.

Join the PEC team to learn more about this new solution over our next webinar:

Date: September 18th

Learn more on a new solution designed specifically for inspections over scale, corrosion scabs and blisters.

Agenda of the webinar:

• Basics of Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) technology
• The new patent-pending PECA™ high-resolution probe
- Dual sensors and spatial triangulation
- Detection capabilities
- Range of applications
- Coverage and scanning modes
• The new high-performance solution for scab assessment
- Accessories
- Advanced real-time processing
• Demonstration of an acquisition over scab corrosion
• New warning overlay overview
• Sizing and data analysis

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