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Improved Usability, Visualization and New Capabilities with Simpleware Software Release P-2019.09
By: Jessica James
Source: Synopsys
We are pleased to announce Simpleware Release P-2019.09. The latest version of Simpleware software includes many exciting new features and performance improvements. Simpleware ScanIP Medical version includes new support for handling and generating X-ray images.

What’s New in Version P-2019.09

Improved Usability

Create a custom ‘My tools‘ tab for frequently used tools to be accessible all in one place.
Find tools quicker with the new search bar and [Ctrl+F] shortcut.
Shorten learning curves with a range of interactive tutorials now built into the Simpleware ScanIP interface.
A new improved 3D manipulation widget makes manual position and orientation adjustments more convenient than ever before.
Translate and rotate surface objects in the 2D view with the new 2D manipulation widget.

Better Image Processing

The split regions tool, useful for automatically separating anatomical regions, is now faster and can be guided by labelling regions in the 3D view.
A new multi-part smoothing filter can be used to smooth conforming masks such as bone and cartilage without the risk of creating holes/gaps between them.
Enhanced Visualization

The new ‘Live 3D‘ mode provides instant 3D updates of changes to your masks.
Understand the scale of your problems with the dynamic 2D view scale bar and other overlays.
Simpleware ScanIP Medical: X-Ray Support

New tools to import and position X-ray images within CT images in your project file.
Compare post-operative X-ray with pre-operative CT scans and models, all in one location.
A simple to use registration tool allows pairs of landmark points to be created to automatically position the X-ray image in the 3D scene.
Generate virtual X-rays for clinicians to review planned surgical procedures and compare to real outcomes.
Operating System Update: Linux

We are also pleased to announce that Release P-2019.09 can now be run on Linux.

Please visit the URL above for full details of the release, as well as related webinars scheduled for October 1st and 2nd.