Non-Destructive Testing in Construction
Within the construction industry, nondestructive testing (NDT) technology plays an important role in ensuring that all materials and joining processes used during the fabrication and erection phases are of the highest quality. The applications of NDT technology within the construction industry are vast, ranging from building diagnoses to the testing of concrete structures.

Completely vs. Partially Destructive Testing

Immediately after concrete has hardened, it is crucial for construction workers to be able to adequately assess various properties of the structure without damaging it in the process. While NDT can also be applied to testing older structures, new concrete structures can be assessed by either utilizing completely non-destructive testing methods or partially destructive testing methods.

As indicated in their name, completely non-destructive testing methods eliminate the need to cause any damage to the concrete during the testing. These types of tests only require the surface of the concrete structure to be slightly damaged to obtain a sufficient sample for analysis. Comparatively, partially destructive tests, of which can include core, pullout and pull-off tests, on concrete structures require the surface of the structure to be damaged and subsequently repaired following analysis.

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