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Continuous High-Temperature Wall Thickness Monitoring with Ionix
In-service, high-temperature corrosion monitoring system delivers productivity gains and increases plant safety as part of refinery digitalisation strategy.

Ionix sensors have been deployed in a key installation of automated in-service corrosion monitoring of multiple refinery process units at a major oil company, as part of a refinery digitalisation strategy. The deployment covered process units spread over a 2 km2 area and included wall thickness monitoring locations at process conditions of over 200 °C and as high as 520 °C. Installation was executed during normal production without a shutdown of any of the process units.


HotSense™ sensors were chosen because of their wide operating temperature range: -55 °C to +550 °C and their intrinsically safe FM Class 1 Div 1 certification.

Sensors were supplied to operate continuously up to 380 °C under insulation to monitor corrosion and wall loss in pipes of various diameters. Locations on the FCCU were required to operate at continuous operating temperatures up to 520°C.

The low profile HotSense™ sensor was installed under insulation and weatherproofing to prevent water ingress, preventing Corrosion Under Insulation.

The HotSense™ sensor strap deployment system allowed rapid attachment of the sensors at corrosion monitoring locations without shutdown.
A CALIPERAY WirelessHART enabled system was coupled with the HotSense™ sensors to provide a wireless automated wall thickness monitoring solution. The CALIPERAY is intrinsically safe to match the FM Class 1 Div 1 / ATEX Zone 0 certification of the HotSense™ sensors.

A full industry-standard WirelessHART network was established to provide robust and reliable data collection across all process units. Combined with the system software, data was made available at all the required control centres and also exported directly to the client Plant Integrity Monitoring Systems (PIMS).

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