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BINDT Aerospace Workshop and Event 2020
Registration is now open for the 2020 Aerospace Workshop and Event, taking place from 21-23 April 2020 at the BAWA Centre, Filton, Bristol, UK.

Aerospace Workshop

This workshop is run by the BINDT Aerospace Executive Committee in order to pull together the latest thinking regarding NDT of metallic airframe parts. It will consider NDT of parts manufactured by a number of different processes, such as friction stir welding, metallic bonding and/or additive manufacturing.

The aim is to define the challenges, such as understanding the needs for qualification and defect detection for difficult geometries, and present potential NDT solutions from academia and industry.

Aerospace Event

This biennial event is organised by the West of England Branch of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). Visit for further information and to register.

This is the only event in the UK dedicated solely to NDT in aerospace! The event will combine spotlight sessions and a focus on new materials and processes.

A list of provisional speakers is shown on the website and confirmed topics include:
NDT regulations, particularly with regard to Brexit;
The state of the industry military, aircraft bodies and aircraft engines;
Changes in the air NDT of new materials and processes; and
Quantum leaps research.

An Aerospace Exhibition will run alongside the event, showcasing the latest products, innovations and technology available to the industry today. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with industry colleagues, network and learn about the very latest NDT technology and services available from around the world. To view the current list of exhibitors, visit


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