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MHT Completes Extended-life Inspection for ENVEN Energy
MHT Access Services Inc. (MHT), based in Houston, provides innovative solutions for industrial inspection, maintenance and repair. To create added value and synergy among these distinct services, MHT utilizes its own multiskilled rope access teams. This approach positions MHT as a leader among service providers.

MHT's multiskilled rope access teams recently came into play when the company helped ENVEN Energy complete an extended-life inspection on an offshore oil rig. ENVEN Energy is a private upstream E&P company with operations focused on the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have an "engineered life," with ENVEN Energy's Prince Platform's being 20 years. Once those 20 years are up, the platform must undergo the extended-life inspection, and unlike a typical yearly inspection or an in-service inspection program (ISIP), this inspection focuses on critical points of the platform and highstress areas. MHT worked hand-in-hand with the American Bureau of Shipping on the life-extension survey of the platform, performing NDT inspections topside and inside the hull of the platform.

"After the extended-life inspection was completed, there were a few additions to ENVEN Energy's ISIP based on our findings," said Norman Kraatz, operations manager of MHT. "For example, we found areas that need to be painted, and those tasks will need to be completed in the near future."

It took MHT approximately four weeks to complete the extended-life inspection using a team of eight rope access professionals. Because MHT has completed other work and inspections for ENVEN Energy in the past with great success, it was asked to complete this inspection.

"This was the platform's first extended- life inspection, and MHT was the logical choice because of the way their rope access teams conduct their work," said David Hudnall, offshore installation manager for ENVEN Energy. "Rope access was the most economical and fastest way to get this done. MHT always delivers on time or ahead of schedule. Everyone with MHT is highly qualified, and safety is their top priority."

MHT's rope access services create an independent, highly efficient, integrated and multidisciplined team that offers customers a comprehensive range of services, including construction maintenance and repair work tasks in high and difficult-to-access locations on offshore rigs. In addition, rope access doesn't usually require onshore facilities to erect scaffold on a project, which saves time and money.

MHT places great importance on the training and certification of its personnel, and all the personnel on the ENVEN Energy extended-life inspection underwent formal training and certification by outside authorities in accordance with the performance standards defined by the certification or licensing authorities. When these professionally trained and experienced workers labored on the project, they approached each step with an advanced knowledge and skillset. Other MHT personnel -- including welders, electricians, insulators, and coating and asbestos abatement specialists -- also receive formal training and certification in their specialized disciplines.

"MHT experts take pride in efficiently handling each stage of the most challenging inspections," said Howard Wall, president of MHT. "The key to a successful project lies in the deployment and use of a skilled project team with appropriate experience. MHT teams are run and managed by experienced professionals."

MHT is recognized by operations and maintenance managers of both onshore and offshore facilities as the "easy button" value-added service provider. Its exact approach eases budgeting pains and reduces the production and safety concerns facility managers and engineers feel when facing urgent mechanical integrity issues.

Other MHT customers include NRG Energy, Westar Energy, Talen Energy, AES Corp., Kansas City Power and Light Co., MC Offshore Petroleum LLC, BASF, Cleco, Xcel Energy, Arizona Public Service, Omaha Public Power District, Arena Offshore and Covanta Energy.

For more information, visit www.mhtgroup.net or call (713) 460-4001.