Echo 6HT Fluid Couplant Introduced as a Low Cost Replacement for Peanut and Canola Oil
By: Marian Larson
Source: Echo Ultrasonics
Echo Ultrasonics is proud to introduce their new line of ultrasonic couplant, 6HT. 6HT is a new AUT/robotics pumpable ultrasound coupling fluid with a similar cost to peanut, canola and mineral oil.

Echo 6HT eliminates sticky residue, smoke and varnish left on parts and offers a pronounced safety advantage. Echo 6 HT is viscosity stable, enabling pumping at lower temperatures when cooking or mineral oils are too thick to move through umbilical lines.

Choose a professional AUT/Robotics fluid.

Echo Ultrasonics has five fluids ranging in pumpable viscosities and operating range from -40F/C to 1000F/537C.

Echo AUT/Robotics Fluids - for the cost-aware, results-focused NDT Professional.

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