Eddyfi on Demand E-Learning Platform Available Now
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
At Eddyfi Technologies, our mission is to push the limits of Advanced NDT to new heights. While this remains a challenging time for us all globally, we are inspired to empower our community to achieve new NDT levels and prepare for what comes after.

We introduce Eddyfi on Demand, an online platform accessible to those suddenly finding themselves more often in front of a screen rather than out in the field performing an inspection. Fill your schedule with webinars, how-to videos, informative technical papers and our new addition: Eddyfi Academy. Here you will have access to free online courses and obtain certificates of attendance once completed, so that you can include these e-learning sessions in your log of training hours required.

We invite you to take action in this period of social isolation and further your knowledge and expertise on key topics as we strive to safely deliver the highest quality service possible as we remain committed to serving our clients. Join us today. Stay safe, stay Beyond Current.

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