NDT program at Cowley College Recognized by Berg Engineering
Cowley College’s Non-Destructive Testing program was recognized in a recent article by Berg Engineering as one of "The 20 best NDT Schools in the United States".

NDT is testing that does not destroy the test object. NDT is vital for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. To detect different defects such as cracking and corrosion, there are different methods of testing available, such as X-ray and ultrasound.

Along with face-to-face classroom instruction, Cowley also offers the only online Associate of Applied Science degree program for NDT in the world.

"We are excited to have our hard work and tireless effort with the NDT program at Cowley College be recognized by Berg Engineering in their recent article listing The 20 Best NDT Schools in the United States," Cowley College NDT instructor Garret Vickery said. "Our graduates have been successful role models in their careers. All their effort has led to Cowley's NDT program having a recognizable reputation. Our goal for the coming years is to remain diligent, continue to grow our footprint, and improve our curriculum as new technology emerges."

Cowley’s NDT program provides tremendous opportunities in safety and quality inspection. The NDT program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree that is currently in high demand. NDT students develop the knowledge and skills required to perform sophisticated testing techniques such as eddy current, x-ray, liquid dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing that are currently required in many different industry fields.

Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to develop and maintain quality control programs. Students will be trained to set up and calibrate equipment, as well as interpret and evaluate results based upon NDT methods with respect to applicable codes, standards, and specifications. Students will be prepared for the American Society of NDT certification examination.