Sterblue’s AI Produces Real-World Results for Power Grid Inspections
Source: Commercial UAV News
There is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and what it can currently do, but for most applications we are still in the early days of AI. This doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing some impressive results from these early efforts however. For example, Sterblue was recently able to deliver high-quality results using their AI to conduct power grid inspections, which they outlined in an in-depth blogpost on their site.

In order to find out more about their AI solution, Commercial UAV News spoke with Sterblue’s CEO, Geoffrey Vancassel; CTO, Vincent Lecrubier; and Ouail Bendidi, Data Scientist. During our conversation, we discussed how they developed and tested their AI and the metrics they used for evaluting its success, what it takes to train an AI and get results that are accurate and explainable, how all of this is making a difference in infrastructure inspections, and more.

Danielle Gagne: Can you tell us a little bit about Sterblue and how it got into machine learning and AI?

Geoffrey Vancassel: At Sterblue we build the central platform for infrastructure inspections. We build the tools to capture clean data from multiple sources like drones, smartphones, helicopters or satellite. Based on that, we model disparate customer processes to organize data with one standard model. We build the interfaces and tools to provide insightful analytics. And finally, we are transforming the industry with our API. We have started with drone imagery and energy applications.

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