Optical 3D Inspection Takes Off In Aerospace Industry
Nadcap accreditation is globally recognized as a companyís commitment to excellence and a trusted symbol of compliance. GOMís service provider Physical Digital in the UK is the worldís first company to be awarded with Nadcap accreditation for measurement and inspection using 3D Structured Light (3DSL) scanners. To meet the standard, they have invested heavily in developing process, procedure and their equipment, which includes, for example, the introduction of the high-resolution and high-accuracy ATOS Triple Scan.

Nadcap accreditation is conducted by task groups with specific expertise based on different checklists for measurement equipment and processes. The 3D scanners checklist Nadcap AC7130/4, originally known as 3D Structured Light checklist, is the standard that is applicable to GOM ATOS equipment and applications.

To meet the standard in Nadcap AC7130/4, Physical Digital has undertaken business and process improvements, aligned their 3D measurement service with aerospace requirements and invested heavily in the latest equipment by introducing, for example, an ATOS ScanBox automated inspection cell and a high-resolution ATOS Triple Scan sensor.

Read the full article at Metrology News. Daniel Lainchbury, Engineering Manager from Physical Digital, regards GOM as a great partner of measurement in the gas turbine industry. "Nadcap has a high standard on accuracy, traceability and repeatability, and GOMís system is almost the only system that can be compliant to the standard," he said. GOMís automated system ATOS ScanBox has played a key role for Physical Digital to win the accreditation since customers can get very stable, repeatable measurements for statistical data analysis.