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Vision Engineering Discusses Metrology in Aerospace Manufacturing
In this Q&A session, Guven Turemen, group commercial metrology manager, and Stephen Sanderson, group inspection manager, from visual equipment specialists, Vision Engineering discuss how the company’s systems are applied to the field of aerospace manufacturing.

Founded by motorsport engineer Rob Freeman, Vision Engineering’s history dates back to the 1950s when its first borescopes were used for the inspection of racing car engines and early aero engines. Now its microscopes and other vision technology is used in many industrial sectors, including aerospace.

Q) Can you say what applications your equipment is used for in aerospace today?

Our non-contact measurement systems are widely used in measurement and inspection of critical parts, which are either machined, pressed or moulded. Measurement plays a key role in ensuring that parts manufactured are compliant with customers’ strict requirements. Identifying any non-compliances early on saves time, cost and ultimately lives!

The Swift PRO range of vision measurement systems can switch seamlessly between video and optical measurement methods Every single part in a modern aircraft must go through rigorous checks and controls. Therefore, the applications we cater for can vary from machined parts for the engine to plastic components for the cabin interior or electronics.

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