Phoenix to Present Neutron Imaging at Aerospace NDT Online
It's been a light year for industry conferences and conventions, but the Aerospace ASNT conference is still going on as scheduled, albeit entirely online and Phoenix, LLC is going to be there.

Join them on June 3 for two technical sessions on neutron imaging, Introduction to Neutron Imaging at 11:45 AM and Advancements in Neutron Imaging for Aerospace NDE at 4:00 PM. If you're interested in attending, there's still plenty of time to register, and all you need is your internet connection.

Click the link above to learn more about neutron imaging and see more neutron/X-ray comparison images.

Neutron imaging is a powerful radiographic NDT method complimentary to X-ray and CT imaging with unexplored applications in the aerospace industry, though it is currently used extensively for turbine blade and energetics quality assurance. Due to Phoenix' technological advances in neutron generation, they are making strides in bringing this essential NDT tool to new frontiers.


A three-way comparison between low-energy X-ray, high-energy X-ray, and neutron images of a set of fuel injectors. Some of the injectors were clogged with foreign materials. Of the three radiographs, only the neutron image could pick up these blockages.