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ETher NDE Extends Warranty to Three Years
By: C Cuciureanu
Source: Ether NDE Ltd
ETher NDE is proud to officially announce the extension of the Standard Manufacturer Warranty period to 3 years on three of our leading eddy current flaw detectors - the WeldCheck Series, AeroCheck Series and the ETherCheck range. The manufacturer’s warranty covers all components of the instrument and will only exclude customer damage or misuse.

In addition to this ETher NDE have also revised ETherCover, our Extended Warranty cover, to operate on two levels with instruments categorised accordingly. The new ETherCover Level 2, which covers the WeldCheck, AeroCheck and EtherCheck, will extend your full warranty to 6 years. This will include a Free of charge Annual re-calibration and "Health Check" for five years commencing at the end of Year 1, One free battery and keypad replacement within the 6 year period and free of charge software upgrades within the 6 year period; guaranteeing that you have the most up to date and advanced version of your eddy current instrument.

At ETher NDE we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best in product design, manufacture and customer care whether it is via our standard eddy current equipment range or our bespoke product solutions working with our customers and partners. We believe that these updates to our warranty policies will support our customers fully post purchase to maintain seamless operation in the field and ensuring optimum performance.

Find out more about our warranties and support please email us on sales@ethernde.com