Teledyne, Lucid and Matrox Deliver On-Demand 3D-Vision Webinar
Many applications in inspection and measurement require depth/height information for identification of features in multiple planes. In these cases, 2D cameras often simply do not provide enough data. However, 3D machine vision components continue to evolve and add a new dimension to machine vision systems.

On May 13, Perry C. West, Founder and President, Automated Vision Systems, Inc., will talk about how 3D imaging technology can be used in industrial inspection applications to accomplish various tasks. He will discuss when it is appropriate to use 3D vision and the challenges 3D can solve, while also providing insightful tips from real-life experience on how to successfully deploy 3D technology in applications such as defect detection and metrology.

Additionally, he will provide information on the types of 3D hardware and software products that are available on the market, while offering insight into which type of 3D camera may be appropriate for certain tasks. This webcast will conclude with a Q&A period.

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