Drones in the Power Industry: The Case for Resiliency
Source: Drone Life
The power industry was an early adopter of drone technology, but in this insider piece Andre Louis-Ferdinand says that the sector continues to find new applications and new uses for drones especially in these challenging times.

The linked article is a guest post by Andre Louis-Ferdinand, Head of UAS Technology at Natural Power, an independent consultancy and global service provider for the renewable energy industry posted on DroneLife.com. The article begins:

As we navigate our way through COVID-19 and find new ways of working, I have a new appreciation for our industry and the resiliency it brings to global businesses in a truly global sector.

We remain committed to delivering for our clients across the wind, solar and storage sectors and have been busy developing resourceful solutions to enable our business to continue supporting clients and their assets when travel restrictions have limited site access for key personnel.

In this regard, our drone technology has really come to the fore and increased resiliency in several complex situations for one simple reason the ability to quickly acquire large amounts of relevant and accurate data. Additionally, local data processing is now so fast, we transmit it straight to the relevant analyst anywhere in the world.

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