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Verasonics Offers HIFUPlex™ PLUS
Over the last few years, Focused Ultrasound (FUS), a non-invasive therapeutic technology, has gained substantial momentum following the approval of multiple new indications. The potential utility of FUS shows promise across a variety of clinical areas including cardiology, endocrinology, musculoskeletal medicine, neurology, oncology, urology, and women’s health. The use of ultrasound-guided FUS (USgFUS) is expanding due to its real-time feedback, flexibility and lower cost. As this field has advanced, the needs of researchers have changed. At Verasonics we continue to expand our portfolio to address the evolving needs in FUS research and product development.

Vantage™ – An Integrated FUS Drive and Ultrasound Imaging System for USgFUS

A number of leading institutions and companies throughout the world are currently using the Vantage™ system for USgFUS research and product development. The Vantage 64LE, 128 and 256 systems may be configured for USgFUS and are available with features including:

Variable energy options: Extended Transmit Option or, if more energy is required, the HIFU configuration (included external power supply provides 1200 W maximum average power) meeting most FUS drive requirements.

Rapid interleaving: Conventional imaging pulses and FUS use the same transmitters enabling rapid interleaving between imaging and therapy. Example scripts included.

Flexibility: Complete control of transmit and receive parameters at the channel level using our intuitive programming model make the Vantage system ideal for FUS and other ultrasound research.

HIFUPlex – Transducers and GUI for 2D Therapy Planning and Delivery

The HIFUPlex product portfolio includes Verasonics’ Vantage HIFU Research Ultrasound Systems integrated with high-performance therapy and imaging array transducers from Sonic Concepts:

Six standard bundles: HIFUPlex transducers are designed to address a wide range of applications and budgets. Researchers can save both time and cost by avoiding or delaying the purchase of custom transducers, which typically cost more, take longer to develop, and may include development risk.
HIFUPlex GUI: Simplifies user control of the major parameters of FUS and imaging in a professional layout for 2D therapy planning and delivery.
Consistency: Compare results across groups who are using HIFUPlex transducers and a Vantage HIFU system.

This integrated solution has allowed researchers in Asia, North America and Europe to efficiently develop and validate new approaches.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Enhancements

Verasonics has enhanced the HIFUPlex GUI and added new capabilities with the HIFUPlex PLUS GUI. Both GUIs now feature a more streamlined appearance, more imaging modes, Thermal Strain Imaging (TSI) for monitoring (optional on HIFUPlex GUI), and experimental data management.

The HIFUPlex PLUS GUI provides all capabilities needed for 3D experimental workflow:

Imaging and Guidance: Integrated motion control using the rotator (both HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 & 3000) and X/Y motion stage to capture a series of 2D slices.
Planning and Delivery: Manual or automated focus placement in a set of 2D slices comprising a finite sample volume.

HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 and 3000 – Complete Preclinical Platforms for 3D Therapy Planning, Delivery, and Monitoring

In collaboration with Sonic Concepts, Verasonics introduces HIFUPlex PLUS. HIFUPlex PLUS expands the HIFUPlex offering by providing turn-key solutions for both large- and small-animal USgFUS research. The HIFUPlex PLUS integrated solutions allow researchers to focus on their research instead of having to source and assemble parts from multiple vendors as well as write their own software. Both HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 and 3000 provide specific products and features that will facilitate and advance FUS research.

HIFUPlex PLUS 1000

HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 includes a benchtop platform with motorized positioning of the applicator and motorized rotation of the imaging transducer for 3D USgFUS on small subjects. The compact benchtop platform offers x- and y-axis mechanical computer-controlled motion. HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 is compatible only with the HIFUPlex -01, -02 and -03 transducers, which add z-axis axial steering. The water conditioning unit provides degassed water as well as a heater and chiller for automatic closed loop temperature control.

What’s included in the HIFUPlex PLUS 1000?

Benchtop tank (incl. small subject support structure and holder, transducer coupling system, extra coupling membranes)
Small rotary motion apparatus for the imaging probe, and X-Y translation stage for the transducer assembly
Water conditioning unit with integrated water degasser, heater & chiller

Configuration options:

Medium subject platform – 12"x 20" surface with same 12" diameter membrane opening

HIFUPlex PLUS 3000

HIFUPlex PLUS 3000 includes an applicator arm and integrated cart for easy manual positioning of the transducers and motorized rotation of the imaging transducer for 3D USgFUS on large subjects. HIFUPlex PLUS 3000 is compatible with any of the HIFUPlex transducers. The integrated water conditioning unit provides degassed water as well as a heater and chiller for automatic closed loop temperature control. The bladder coupling system is an alternative to the larger cone included with the HIFUPlex-04, -05 and -06 transducers, for increased treatment depth.

What’s included in the HIFUPlex PLUS 3000?

Integrated cart with articulating arm and attachments for dual monitors
Large bladder coupling system
Large rotary motion apparatus for the imaging probe
Water conditioning unit with integrated water degasser, heater, and chiller
Two isolation transformers

Configuration options:

Adapter for using HIFUPlex-01, -02 or -03 transducers with HIFUPlex PLUS 3000 (incl. small bladder coupling system)

Product Introduction Webinars:

Verasonics plans to hold a series of webinars to introduce the HIFUPlex PLUS 1000 and 3000 this summer. More information to come.