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Sensor Networks Releases On-demand Webinar for Loose Parts Retrieval
Sensor Networks, Inc. (SNI) recently released an on-demand webinar focused on industrial retrievals of loose parts including information on best practices in retrieving, developments in tooling, and real-world retrieval examples.

The Webinar is co-authored and presented by Bruce Pellegrino, Co- Founder and VP of Marketing at Sensor Networks. Bruce is a 40-year veteran in the Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) industry. Co-author of this webinar is Jeff Drost, RVI Product Manager at Sensor Networks. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in RVI. Pellegrino states "I think having options are really the key to a successful retrieval in the field in that every retrieval is unique."

The 15-minute webinar is intended to help inform facilities about the tools and techniques required to perform in-house industrial retrievals. Loose parts can cause facilities to shut down for an extended period of time and an emergency retrieval can greatly decrease facility down time.

"At SNI, tooling development focuses on productivity, streamlining the process, and, most importantly, reliability to increase the probability of success." says Pellegrino.

To watch the webinar click here.

For additional information on Sensor Networks, Inc., visit the company’s website at https://sensornetworkscorp.com or find us on LinkedIn.