New Zero Degree Phased-Array Delay-Line Released by Innovation Polymers
By: Colin Durkin
Can be customized for different holder and polymer stand-off lengths

Innovation Polymers just released a new line of Zero Degree Phased-Array Delay-line probes and holders using Aqualene™, ACE™, and Aqualink™.

Currently, these delay-line units come with a holder designed to mount a standard Olympus A12 or M2M G3 probe. Holders are designed to permit the delay-line to protrude 3mm from the holder to accommodate minor contour variations of the test surface.

The process Innovation Polymers uses allows for custom holder lengths and polymer stand-off lengths. Custom holders can also be designed with provision for irrigation and scanner mounting.

Delay lines can be ordered in any of Aqualene™ (V=1590m/s), ACE™ (V=1540m/s), or Aqualink™ (V=1490m/s) with standard stand-off dimensions of 10mm and 20mm. Holders currently come in standard dimensions of 55mm x 25mm x 17mm and 55mm x 25mm x 7mm.

All delay-lines and holders in this line of units can be customized to the specific dimensions you need and can be ordered separately.

The new Zero Degree Phased-Array Delay-Lines will be available for sale starting August 27, 2020. For more information on these and other moulded polymer dry coupling solutions, contact Innovation Polymers at +1 226 749 3035 or email Rick MacNeil at