Gecko Robotics Scales to New Heights with Digital Manufacturing Partnership
Persistent underfunding of critical infrastructure worldwide is hampering economic progress and exposing businesses and communities to significant risks, according to the World Economic Forum. In fact, the forumís Global Risks 2019 report said, worldwide investment in infrastructure is expected to be $79 billion by 2040, while the actual global investment needs to be closer to $97 trillion.

For a world that relies on that infrastructure for essential access to everything from water to electricity, itís a frightening reality, and most feel powerless to do anything about it. From there came the lightbulb inspiration for Gecko Robotics.

Gecko Robotics protects and maintains the most critical infrastructure in industrial spaces from Power and Oil and Gas to Pulp and Paper through machines and platforms that inspect for degradation, erosion, and corrosion and drive proactive data delivery regarding infrastructure health. Industrial inspections conducted using Gecko Robotics solutions are faster, safer, and provide plants with data required to proactively ensure the operational maintenance and continuity of their systems and to diminish costly downtime.

"Companies are peeking through a keyhole when looking at traditional physical reports. If any imperfections or wear spots go undetected, it can cause leaks that can raise costs and drop efficiency dramatically," says JJ Mrkonich, Mechanical Engineer II Ė Field Engineering Lead at Gecko Robotics.

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