How How the 4IR is Driving Energy Innovation in the Real World
From the rollout of intelligent machinery to the industrial deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the world is undergoing a fundamental transformation that is creating new possibilities. Technologies once confined to the realms of science fiction are now an integral part of life. For the energy industry, these new technologies can help us achieve breakthroughs in efficiency, safety and reducing CO2 emissions.

In discussions about the future, ours is an industry too often portrayed as being a laggard on technology and innovation. The reality is that the energy sector is highly competitive, a fact that constantly drives performance enhancements. We also have an ever-present desire to achieve further sustainability gains. These factors have inspired a new wave of technological development within the oil and gas sector. For example, Aramco is deploying 4IR solutions across its operations, from subsurface exploration to downstream development, to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, enhance reliability, optimize costs and unlock new opportunities.

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