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Edge Solution Integrates Intelligent Automation For Visual Inspection
Source: Metrology News
Manufacturers aim to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost during the production or assembly process. At the same time regulations need to be met and worker safety must be guaranteed at all times.

A wide range of assets, from machines to materials and products must be closely monitored for potential defects, and quality issues. Physical inspection of all this requires a vast amount of deep knowledge due to product variables and ever-changing circumstances on factory floors. If manufacturers fail to detect issues, they will be unable to take immediate remedial action resulting in loss of margin, or worse.

Intelligent automation for physical inspection in manufacturing can prevent problems from escalating or happening in the first place. More importantly, it tackles an even bigger problem in the near future. In most factories, proprietary knowledge has accumulated in the brains of a small group of domain experts. Years of experience and fine-tuned skills are almost impossible to replace, but inevitably the most experienced staff members will reach their retirement age. Protecting their knowledge by transferring it to BrainMatter as learning examples and detection skills, combined with actionable business rules is crucial...

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