Vizaar Vuman E3
New High-precision CT System launched by VisiConsult
Once again one of the leading developers of X-ray systems, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, was able to present further new developments this summer. After the in-house development was completed, a standardized high-precision CT system was quickly completed and delivered in two different configurations in August. A customer in Israel received one variant with a granite manipulator, the other with a high-precision steel manipulator went to France.

Precision is guaranteed by integrating and monitoring devices such as cooling systems, temperature and humidity controls – even the manipulator itself can be provided in a variety of suitable materials. One system has a manipulator made of steel, the other one is based on granite with very low thermal expansion.

A handheld controller is used to fine-tune the axes while the user is standing next to it. Heavy loads of up to 60 kg and a diameter of up to 300 mm can be loaded into the system using an overhead crane and then scanned with high precision. A number of options are also available, such as filter wheel, shutter, target cooling and detector aperture.

One recently delivered system incorporates two different x-ray tubes. "A double detector including a line scanner can also be installed, which makes the system even more flexible," explains Jason Robbins, Head of Sales at VisiConsult. There are many other features, that customers can select from these standard systems to adapt them to their needs. As always, VisiConsult’ s motto is, that all systems can be adapted to the customer’s application.