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Flybotix’s ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone
Drones are often used not only for entertainment and video filming but also for industrial work at height. They allow you not to risk the health of specialists and often significantly speed up work. However, it is difficult for drones to fly inside buildings and technical structures for inspection. And when they collide with something, they usually fall and cannot continue the mission.

The Swiss company Flybotix is working on a new type of drone for the inspection of industrial plants. Called the ASIO inspection drone, it is designed specifically for flights in tight spaces and features a protective housing, visible and infrared cameras, and powerful LED illumination.

The indoor drone for industrial plants is built around a patented drive system that is powered by ultra-flat, brushless DC motors that Flybotix developed with Obwalden-based company maxon. The electric motors have been specifically optimized for use in drones in terms of weight and performance. This will enable the drone to carry out longer missions, reach remote locations, and save costs.

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