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By: Emily Raleigh
Source: Ionix
Ionix has recently launched new accessories and couplants for the HS582i, its leading Dual UT Probe for High Temperature Scanning and Spot Inspection.

HS582i was launched in April 2020 and utilises the leading Ionix HotSense™ technology to enable on-stream, high temperature, thickness measurements and corrosion surveys.

The new Dual Probe accessories include:

- Extension handles - detachable handles to extend the reach of the HotSense probes to provide extra grip when wearing PPE and protect the user from extreme temperatures. Specifically designed to make port inspections easier.
- Couplant dispenser - a spring-mounted sheath which protects high temperature couplant applied to the probe whilst assisting with probe alignment.
- High temperature cables - high quality, heat and abrasion resistant cables to connect HS582i directly to any thickness gauge or flaw detector using Lemo 00 connectors.
- 3rd Party Armoured Cable Adaptor - a strain relief and adaptor to allow the use of third-party metal armoured cables and strain reliefs. Allows for current cables to be repurposed when switching to HS582i with direct integration with the probe.

For more information about the new accessories, go to https://bit.ly/2LGo50p

The new Dual Probe couplants include:

- Liquid couplants - a range of couplants from Echo Ultrasonics for temperatures above 150 °C (302 ˚F), offering high temperature stability, low corrosion characteristics, low toxicity, and smoke, and a clear indication of their auto-ignition temperatures.
- Solid couplant discs - for use above 370˚C (700˚F) when no other couplant will work. EchoTherm Discs are adhered to the probe tip using a small amount of EchoTherm couplant.

For more information about the couplants, go to https://bit.ly/37nDbjV

HS582i accessories and couplants are now in stock and ready to ship.

You can order any accessories or couplants here https://bit.ly/3mq7bzA
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