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Waygate Relaunches InspectionWorks Industrial Inspection Ecosystem
Waygate Technologies has launched a revised and improved version of its ecosystem for inspection data management, InspectionWorks. The re-launch includes an contemporary user interface and user experience design and new features including fleet management, remote monitoring diagnostics, inspection data storage and advanced analytics.

The release is an important milestone for Waygate Technologies in its commitment to offer an integrated software ecosystem for inspection management. InspectionWorks helps with all activities from the planning and deployment of devices, to the collection, analysis and storage of data with one single platform. Customers can thereby handle their inspection management holistically, improving design, manufacturing, operations and later servicing of their products. This increases productivity and reliability and lifts inspection from a necessary control step to a valuable service. InspectionWorks is compatible both with Waygate Technologies hardware solutions and third party products.

"Predictive maintenance and operational intelligence rely on analytics, automated defect recognition or deep learning on both inspection and/or machine data. They enable our customers to predict issues before they arise by harnessing histrocial data and give actionable insights to make better and faster decisions. For us, this is the future of industrial inspection", says Arungalai Anbarasu, CTO at Waygate Technologies. "It is an area where we excel because we can combine the enormous amount of inspection data we collected during the last decades with insights that only a company like Waygate Technologies can reliably provide".

InspectionWorks is part of Waygate Technologiesí strategy to grow from a provider of NDT hardware with renowned service capability to a key partner for data insights and solutions that enable customers to drive their own digital transformation and give them a competitive edge in their respective markets.