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TwinSpect Tool Facilitates Virtual Inspections
Twinsity, a German-based startup with a focus on innovative software solutions for the AEC industry, has released a new tool, TwinSpect, that leverages true-to-life digital replicas for simple, efficient, and reliable virtual inspections.

Designed for infrastructure, industrial assets, telecom towers, and oil & gas, TwinSpect enables every asset stakeholder to be involved in digital and virtual inspections by focusing on easy-to-use and intuitive user experiences. Engineers, safety and maintenance staff, asset owners, contractors, or drone service providers can use TwinSpect to make work safer and more precisely while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital world.

By combining ultra-high-resolution 3D models with original images of an asset, TwinSpect allows users to click on any spot in the 3D model and get the corresponding images in which this spot is visible. This way, the 3D model inside Twinsity becomes a smart navigation tool for large imagery datasets, saving a lot of time when searching the images for potential issues, as they can be identified and located much faster in the 3D model. Supporting multiple photogrammetry software to generate these 3D models, like Bentley ContextCapture and Agisoft Metashape, Twinsity recommends using Capturing Reality’s software, RealityCapture, which is a general-purpose fully-featured photogrammetry software for creating virtual reality scenes, textured and realistic 3D meshes, orthographic projections, and more from lidar, drone, or DSLR.

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