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New Player Enters The Aircraft Drone Inspection Market
A new entrant to the aircraft drone inspection space is targeting the commercial launch of its Drone-as-a-Tool (DaaT) solution this year as the aviation industry’s recovery begins. Netherlands-based Mainblades is continuing demonstrations this month with customers in Europe to finish testing and validating its technology after progress was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Having been sidelined several times due to technology immaturity, drones are now being re-examined to solve crucial COVID-19 challenges," says Dejan Borota, co-founder and CEO, Mainblades. According to Borota, the aviation industry has been late to the game with regard to increasing efficiency through digitalization compared to other industries, regarding innovation more as a playground for experiments instead of as a necessity to stay competitive. "The COVID-19 crisis has recalibrated everybody in the aviation industry, forcing airlines, MROs and OEMs to really look toward innovation for real-world, direct-to-be-implemented, cost-saving solutions," he adds.

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