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Sensor Maker Acquires Boston Inspection for AI
A maker of sensors for measuring factory operations announced its acquisition of an inspection technology software developer.

LMI Technologies said FringeAI would be integrated into its portfolio of companies as a new AI Solutions group. The Vancouver company says it is the global leader in 3D inline scanning and inspection, while Boston-based FringeAI's software uses deep learning, edge devices, and 5G and Industrial Internet of Things connected cloud services to deliver artificial intelligence solutions across a wide range of markets.

LMI officials said conventional inspection methods are unable to meet current quality assurance challenges and that FringeAI would add "high-performance, cost-efficient" AI capabilities to its existing inspection technologies.

"Today, developers use AI libraries to train and build deep learning models and integrators to deploy those models with various vision and processing hardware to deliver an inline inspection system," LMI CEO Mark Radford said in a statement. "With FringeAI, LMI can combine a highly effective AI software solution to deliver the benefits of AI deep learning to the factory that includes sensor hardware and cloud-based support for the most challenging 2D and 3D inspection tasks."

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