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Revolutionary Mobile Vision Inspection System Employs Smartphones
Source: Windsor Star
Windsor’s AIS Technologies Group has been awarded a provisional patent for creating a mobile vision inspection system using smartphones and incorporating artificial intelligence.

The Mobile Vision Solution (MVS) system is suitable for use in a multitude of industries and is 60- to 70-per-cent less expensive than the fixed-camera inspection systems currently being used.

"What is the breakthrough is it allows us to step away from having a camera mounted in a ‘fix position’ and the part comes into the camera and we image on the part for the inspection," said Shawn Horton, AIS Technologies’ director of market and business development.

"What we’re able to do is take the camera off and do the inspection … and use AI as our tool for the inspection process. We grab an image, send the image through the phone to a central processor and it sends us back a response, whether it’s good or bad, in seconds."

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