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A Robotics Showcase
Source: Aero Mag
James Kell, innovation specialist at Rolls-Royce and member of the Robotics Growth Partnership, updates us on the robotics project that is set to improve costs, time and safety in after-market aerospace engineering. Back in 2019, the National Robotics Network invited me to speak at the Robotics & AI Industry Showcase - the KTN event that brings together the entire UK robotics and AI industry to share ideas and innovations that have the potential to benefit other sectors.

As an Innovation Specialist in Repair & Services R&D at Rolls-Royce, I was there to explain the big issues in aftermarket aerospace engineering and where Rolls-Royce saw opportunities for innovation. I’m also a member of the Robotics Growth Partnership which is shaping a vision for a new ‘cyber-physical fabric’ which could maximise the UK’s robotics potential.

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