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Automated Inspection for Aerospace via CT
Source: Metrology News
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 75% of the world’s aviation fleet was grounded at the peak meaning that fewer than 7,500 aircraft remained airborne. Some estimates state are that it will take a minimum of two-and-a-half years post the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic for the grounded 75% to take to the skies once more. As the virus spread is controlled, aviation’s globally essential nature means that the sector will continue its pre-COVID-19 growth, and realize a fleet of more than 35,000 by 2030. Passengers will again take vacations, the demand for freight will resume, and the number of aircraft produced for military and research purposes will scale back up. It is likely that the industry will still represent a decade of growth, despite a worldwide catastrophe.

As the initial impacts of the pandemic begin to subside, the aerospace industry will turn its attention towards the increased usage of next-generation technologies to increase efficiency amid the ‘new normal’.

One such technology is Inline Computed Tomography (CT): revolutionary scanning which will empower increased capability in the next generation of aviation manufacturing...

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