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MicroPIMS® from Sensor Networks Provides Wireless Ultrasonic Corrosion Monitoring
Sensor Networks Inc. (SNI) announces the 3rd generation Permanently Installed Monitoring System, microPIMS® Intrinsically Safe.

This star-network topology system leverages SNI’s success and experience in non-invasive corrosion/erosion monitoring with this network of ultrasonic sensors. Intrinsically safe, fully wireless, and non-intrusive, it operates using long-range sub-gigahertz LoRaWan® wireless connectivity.

Each microPIMS sensor can be programmed to take thickness readings at any user-defined time interval. Data is automatically sent to private webPIMSTM, cloud-based or on-premise LoRaWAN system + software back-end for analysis, trending and more.

"microPIMS Intrinsically Safe is the culmination of 7 years of research and development." said Jim Barshinger, Chief Technology Officer at Sensor Networks, Inc. Barshinger adds, "We’re very excited about this 3rd generation version and the new capabilities it provides."

These units can be easily installed temporarily or permanently with either a band clamp or a magnetic base for tanks and vessels. 2 D-sized batteries provide each unit with 15 years of life at one reading per day.

The microPIMS from SNI can also help to lower costs by reducing scaffolding and insulation removal/ refitting for internal corrosion monitoring.

For additional information on Sensor Networks, Inc., visit the company’s website at or find us on LinkedIn.
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