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KiloX Robots Inspect Industrial Sites
KiloX, a Chinese startup focused on developing robots that inspect industrial facilities, has raised several tens of million yuan ($3 million to $4.6 million) from an angel round led by Plum Ventures, the company said.

Founded in 2019, KiloX is a tech company that researches mobile robots, industrial computer vision and ways to utilize the internet of things technologies. By using its inspection robots, the company provides total solutions and customized services to clients to help ensure the safety of their assets and production environments.

The company mainly targets power companies. KiloX founder and CEO Wang Huaiqing said that as power supplies directly relate to the national economy and people's lives, compliance to safety standards is particularly important.

As troubles in power equipment could cause vast damage, power companies also take risk avoidance very seriously. But hiring staff dedicated to making inspection rounds is costly for companies and no human inspector can check every nook and cranny of facilities.

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