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How to Implement Phased Array Inspections for Stainless Steel Welds
By: Stuart Kenny
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Phased array technology is well established for the inspection of new welds during fabrication. In recent years, operators have moved away from outside radiography for critical weld inspection and are using phased array as the primary volumetric NDT method for quality assurance. Advanced ultrasonic methods are free from hazardous material, remove safety concerns and are able to provide instantaneous results for weld quality. In addition, phased array has the ability to provide cross sectional information of the weld under test, and therefore any potential weld flaws can be sized accurately for the precise position in the weld. This unique ability can improve repair rates and also help with local repair as opposed to full weld replacement. In this article by Eddyfi Technologies, we’ll review the obstacles around dissimilar metal weld inspection and share the Beyond Current solution.

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