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Sensor Networks Expands with 256 Element Matrix Array UT Transducers
Dr. James Barshinger, Chief Technology Officer of Sensor Networks, Inc., (SNI) is pleased to announce the company’s expanded capabilities into the design and manufacturing of high-element-count 1.5 and 2D matrix array UT transducers.

Their new, advanced manufacturing processes have been refined, allowing efficient and orderly management of up to 1,000 elements in a rugged & robust transducer package with integral cable and connector.

The custom-elevation focused 1.5D 128/256-element transducer assembly from SNI can be used for aerospace, nuclear or power-generation components & forgings. SNI also custom designs & builds matrix probes in any x-y format up to 1,000 elements.

High-element-count arrays are used to interrogate heavy-wall forgings where the sound beam can be steered & focused on varying depths in the test material. Increased Probability of Detection (P.O.D.) and inspection productivity are achieved.

High element phased arrays are suitable for high channel count instruments including the Dynaray, TPAC Pioneer, Socomate FAAST PA or Verasonics Vantage instruments.

SNI will be showing their design and manufacturing capability of high-element- count UT transducers at ASNT’s Fall Conference week of November 15th in Phoenix.

For additional information on Sensor Networks, Inc., visit the company’s website at https://www.sensornetworkscorp.com or find us on LinkedIn.
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