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By: Emily Raleigh
Source: Ionix Advanced Technologies
Ionix has launched a range of new HotSense™ ultrasonic testing probes following the successful release of its HS582i 5 MHz 8mm dual probe in 2020. The range is capable UT inspections up to 550 ºC, with increased wear resistance.

Two new variants, the HS2122i and HS5122i, offer a lower frequency and larger tip diameter format of the HotSense™ inspection transducer that have been developed to enable on stream thickness measurements and surveys to be made, even on hot assets.

The HS2122i is a 2.5MHz probe that has been designed for deep section inspections or for forgings and castings. The HS5122i is a 5MHz larger tip probe ideal for scanning and applications requiring higher penetration.

Both probes are suitable for the most extreme environments and can be used for continuous use in temperatures up to 350⁰C, as well as duty cycling up to 550⁰C. They provide the tools needed for wall thickness measurements on hot assets, in-service, without the need to shut down or isolate. The new probes extend the measurement range of the probes to 500mm in steel.

The probes are compatible with standard thickness gauges and flaw detectors. A range of accessories including handles, cables and couplants are available from Ionix, as well as scanner mounts for popular systems.

Tim Stevenson, development director at Ionix, said: "We continually develop our products to meet the needs and demands of the extreme environment sector. These latest additions to our product offering have been built using our award-winning HotSense™ ultrasonic platform, powered by Ionix HPZ piezoceramic. Using their enhanced range and high temperature stability, they can support on-stream thickness, corrosion and erosion surveys in the refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace and process sectors."

The HS2122i and HS5122i are both compliant to ISO 22232-2 and ASTM E/1065 to meet your existing UT inspection procedures. Switching to HotSense™ will enable you to make reliable high temperature measurements to support your asset integrity programs.

For more information about the HotSense™ HS2122i and HS5122i probes, head to the website or drop the Ionix team a line at contact@ionix.at
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