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Cleo Robotics Launches Directed Thrust Drone for Confined Spaces
Source: Robotics and Automation News
Cleo Robotics, which claims to be the first company to successfully develop a stable and highly maneuverable ducted bi-rotor drone, has launched its Dronut X1 for law-enforcement, industrial inspection, construction and defense markets.

Cleo’s patented thrust vectoring technology has, for the first time ever, made the hyper-efficient ducted fan design stable in flight. The Dronut’s completely enclosed propellers enable the X1 to safely bounce off objects and people and is a fraction of the size of similarly featured drones.

For industrial and commercial applications, the Dronut X1 now enables unmanned inspections of dangerous and confined spaces (tanks, pressure vessels, crawl spaces, and so on) where no drone or robot could previously go.

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