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Sensor Networks Adds West Coast Commercial Leader
Source: Sendor networks
SNI Welcomes Mr. Randy Jones to the team:

Effective February 1, 2022, SNI welcomes Mr. Randy Jones to our commercial team. Randy brings decades of practical, handís-on experience in the NDT field with a strong focus on UT and Phased-array UT for power generation and aerospace components Ė both factory and field. Randy is based in Southern California and is UT Level III by ASNT. One of his many areas of expertise is with composite materials UT inspection. Randy plans to be at NDTMA the week of Feb 8 in Las Vegas.

About Sensor Networks

A couple guys and a big idea. Thatís how it all started. In 2014, co-founders Dr. Jim Barshinger and Bruce Pellegrino were working on a corrosion-monitoring product using decades-old technology when the idea struck Ė Why not modernize the electronics so they can connect directly to the internet?

Sure, corrosion monitoring might not be new, but there is a better, more efficient way. Providing the tools for our customers to solve their critical asset management challenges while making the workplace safer is the driving force behind Sensor Networks, Inc. What started with sensors has expanded into continued innovation as we strive to provide breakthrough solutions to the complicated problems that challenge industry.

Collectively, the Sensor Networks Inc. teamís experience spans decades in the highly specialized fields of ultrasonic and remote visual technologies. All of that experience is dedicated to creating a better, safer world in which our customers have the reliable technology and high-quality data they need to create safer, more cost-effective operations using targeted solutions designed to solve the unique industrial challenges faced today, including:

Remote non-intrusive corrosion monitoring of plant piping, vessels and other components in refineries and chemical plants
Experience-based UT applications engineering
Standard and customized ultrasonic transducers
Remote visual tooling for demanding in-situ test and inspection applications in aerospace and power generation
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