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PFW Aerospace Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Industrial X-Ray Testing
Source: Metrology News
The aviation supplier PFW Aerospace, a subsidiary of the French company Hutchinson, is testing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure demanding quality standards in non-destructive material testing (NDT). The aim is to optimize economic efficiency in quality assessment tasks. As part of a pilot program, supplier of customer-specific X-ray systems, VisiConsult. is evaluating whether the evaluation of the image data can be automated using AI. The core is the qualification of Artificial Intelligence according to the demanding aviation test standards. An interview with PFWs Head of R&D Markus Gutensohn, conducted by Lennart Schulenburg, Managing Director at VisiConsult, provides more insights.

Lennart Schulenburg: How do you see the current state of AI in everyday life and regarding the work in the field of quality?

Markus Gutensohn: On the part of PFW, we have not yet seen any real AI application within our daily inspection routine. There are many established structures in the aviation industry, some of which are decades old. These quality assurance systems were established to ensure safe aviation. Even if the AI ​​technology is available in a timely manner, acceptance and qualification are major challenges that we and the entire aviation industry face.

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