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Perform an Efficient Cleanliness Analysis with 3 Added Capabilities
Source: Olympus
The OLYMPUS CIX100 system is a turnkey solution dedicated to technical cleanliness inspection and analysis of manufactured components and parts. The system’s hardware and software are optimized to take you seamlessly through the cleanliness analysis process from sample preparation to reporting.

In previous posts, we’ve reviewed how the system provides reliable and repeatable results for company and industry standards, delivers a fast inspection workflow, and offers an intuitive user interface for operators of all skill levels. Our engineers continue to release new software updates to further streamline the cleanliness analysis process.

Here are three added features in CIX™ software version 1.5.2 to make your cleanliness analysis even more efficient:

1. Directly review multiple samples after a batch scan.

To reduce inspection time in routine applications, the multi-sample scan now includes a mode where you can directly review the inspection results of all the scanned samples. First, the scan runs with the same inspection configurations and usually identical settings for all samples, saving time. Optionally, individual settings can be defined for each sample. After the multi-sample scan, you can review and revise individual detected particles on each sample.

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