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Catching Wind with Gekko for Maritime Composites Inspection
By: Edwin Van Der Leden
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
One of the nice things about our jobs in NDT is that we come across various applications and challenges all the time. One day you are assessing the status of a pressure vessel; the next, you are putting your NDT technical skills to work on a complex aircraft component. Recently, Eddyfi Technologies was involved in a project that should trigger both the NDT professional and the sports fanatic...

Carbon fibre spars were inspected by NDT service provider MME Group1 based in the Netherlands. These components are used as masts on the ultra-fast sailing ships of the Volvo Ocean Race. The requirement for quality is evident as winning the race is at stake and the safety of the people on board the vessel is paramount. The inspection was carried out with a Gekko® phased array system designed, built, and supplied by Eddyfi Technologies.

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